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Tips from AuthorHouse's Most Published Author

AuthorHouse's Most Published Author, Bruce Kimmel shares some valuable author advice. It's primary approach on writing is not to overthink.



Writing is the start of it all. While we tend to talk with writers and authors who have complete or nearly complete manuscripts, we know it's important to provide meaningful advice about the writing and the writing process. With that in mind, we've dedicated this area to helping authors write better content. Have a writing idea to share? We'd love to hear it.

Writing Resources

When you publish your book, it should be the best possible book it can be.  Learn writing tips that will help you craft a book that you'll be proud of.

Getting Started

Beginning your book is the hardest part. Learn tips for getting off to a great start.

Making Sense of Our Senses

A skilled writer will tap into all five of their readers’ senses, and possibly more, to transport them through the page and into the world they have created in their story. This article explains how you can incorporate sensory stimuli to enhance your writing and bring your descriptions to life.

Three Reasons Why Writing a Screenplay Differs from Writing a Book

The creative processes used by authors and screenwriters differ as much as those used by painters and photographers. In this article, you will discover how to adapt your approach to master both.

AuthorHouse Writing Master Class: Hans Christian Andersen

The fact that Hans Christian Andersen is remembered as a storyteller who has made the world smile by drawing on his own tumultuous experiences is testament to his status as a literary master craftsman. AuthorHouse combines celebrating International Children’s Book Day and Andersen’s birthday by looking at some of the qualities that made him such an endearing and enduring storyteller.

Three Ways to Turn Your Passion into Your Work

Being a writer is not a choice; it is a calling, a vocation. Your starting point should be whatever gets your blood pumping, your adrenaline pulsing, and your passion peaking. It’s also about what you know. The most successful writers write about topics they have knowledge or experience of.

Here are three ways writers turn their passion into their work.

Six Writing Principles from the Author of One of Self-Publishing’s Best Books of 2011

Multi-award-winning AuthorHouse-published author Richard Hébert shares his personal writing ethos with us. His approach to writing evolved at a very young age and has developed over a career spanning more than half a century.

AuthorHouse-published author Richard Hébert shares his six guiding principles to help you along your writing journey.

Five Reasons Why AuthorHouse Says Less is More When it Comes to Beating Writer’s Block

Authorhouse suggests a stress-free, 5 step process to beat writer’s block. Don’t get frustrated when you can’t think of anything to write. Instead, go and do something different and let your subconscious work out your problems while you relax and enjoy yourself.

The 5-Step Writing Process: From Brainstorming to Publishing

Every writer follows his or her own writing process. Often the process is a routine that comes naturally and is not a step-by-step guide writers constantly refer to. Being conscious of your own writing process is especially helpful when you find yourself struggling with a particularly tricky piece. Here are 5 steps towards creating or identifying your personal writing process.

General Writing Advice

Authors share their advice about how to craft your literary works and talk about their own struggles and successes while writing.


Learn how to write and market works from various fiction genres, including science fiction, children's, and many more.


Read about how to craft and promote a piece of nonfiction.