Creating a Successful Marketing and Promotion Plan

AuthorHouse is pleased to announce a new tool to help you market and sell your self-published book: Your Voice in Demand: The AuthorHouse Guide to Marketing and Promoting Your Book. This new guide from the promotions department at AuthorHouse is filled with information and advice you can use to effectively support your marketing and sales goals. With this handy reference, you’ll learn how to:

• Create a marketing and promotion plan
• Use the web as a marketing and sales tool
• Employ public relations to generate interest
• Set up book signings and author tours
• Take advantage of conferences and shows
• Apply direct marketing techniques
• Leverage advertising as a tool
• Establish a retail sales program
• Become a guerilla marketer

Creating a Marketing and Promotion Plan

You’ve worked hard to produce your book, and the next step is to start working on your book’s marketing plan. It is never too early to begin formulating your marketing plan, as many of your marketing efforts will require time to produce results. If your book isn’t finished yet, you may even be able to launch parts of your marketing campaign in the months preceding your book’s actual publication date. The sooner you can get started, the sooner you can have an impact on your book’s sales.

Deciding how to best market and promote your book involves careful planning. No one can control the marketplace, however, and even the most careful planning won’t guarantee specific results. But you can’t hope to maximize your book’s sales through random acts of salesmanship. A carefully structured and detailed plan is your best “boost” toward getting the most sales and the widest distribution of your work.

Determining Your Target Audience

To create a marketing plan that will achieve the best results for the least amount of investment, you must know precisely who your book will appeal to. With that information in mind, you’ll be able to craft a marketing plan that is best able to reach those readers.

Most books appeal to multiple types of readers, but your early marketing efforts should be directed toward the individuals and groups who will be most interested in your book. If your marketing plan is too broad in its early stages, it can lose its focus and become ineffective. By setting up your marketing plan for early success, you can feed even greater success down the road.